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Watch This Video to Learn Aboout The TMI-OwnYourQuest Platinum Partner Program

Watch This Video to Learn About OwnYourQuest

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What do we do? We help you to take control of your own life utilizing the FiveQuests Health, Wealth, Success, Tax, and Travel we will help you to take control of your business. ​We will teach you how to balance these five areas of your life, while learning the value of a Plan B. We have many products and services to offer you and your family and business.




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I agree to become a Platinum Partner of the TMI & Associates, Inc. – Own Your Quest Platform 

as an independent contractor, and will make my best effort to perform my responsibilities as this Platinum Partner as follows:

· I understand that this will require at least 10-15 hours per week of performing the process to acquire leads potential prospects for my opportunity & training business. I will enroll in the "HBA Funnel & Traffic and Conversions Academy.


· I will follow the process & systems that the company has provided, with the best of my ability, and never promise any person and/or company anything.


· I understand the any projections of income are just a projection of what could happen, and that it is up to the relationship of the company and myself to achieve the benchmarks and goals to reach the maximum income level which is desired.


· I understand that a TMI & Associates, Inc. “Influencer” will be assigned to help in the procurement of the clients I lead through the process and will be respectful of the “Influencer’s” time when scheduling any Strategy Sessions.


· It is my responsibility to take the “Launching Your Business” Masterclass provided, and follow the process as described.


· It is also understood that I have an opportunity to grow my own team and be designated as a company “Influencer” when I achieve the Level with the company.  At such time the company will teach me how to perform “Strategy Calls” with the company and my team.


· As a Platinum Partner I will hold the company harmless for any negligence on my behalf and not state any outcomes which are not factual and projected in an honest manner. 

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Chef Mattew & Jillaine Piscitelli

Professional Chef

"Great Mentorship for Taking Control of Your Life & Business.  Gave me great vision and clarity! And, more than just a business relationship"

Alex & Zineb Rodriguez-Torres

Commercial Real Estate Broker

"Amazing Company!  Call them.  They were able to give us guidance on building our business and personal financial plan. Not only about earning it but keeping it.  Reach out and call them!"

Mark Valinote

Financial Planner

"I've know Tony with TMI & Associates-Own Your Quest for 5 years.  They are the most intelligent and thoughtful company & man. Anyone with financial matters about business should do business with them!"


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